Video and radio advertising, advertising on television in the Donetsk Regional TV incut in Donetsk

Video and radio advertising - "bright and loud" way to express yourself. The use of video and radio advertising emphasizes your image and level.

Want to have your company name / production / service was always seen and heard the inhabitants of the city, then this is what you need!

Advertising on television in Donetsk is necessary in cases where you need to quickly capture a large amount of the target audience. In this case, the cost per contact with a potential customer is very low. And this affects both commercial and vision, and hearing people.

The options are advertising on television in Donetsk in an advertising agency "Effect marketing":

-First, we arrange advertising on national Ukrainian TV channels.

In addition, at your request, we will place advertisements on any other national TV channels, except for satellite. To do this you need to contact us by one of the phones listed above, or send an email request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

 -Secondly, we make you an appropriate media plan that will match the advertised product and your budget;

 -Thirdly, we are fully engaged in shooting a commercial organization in Donetsk;

 -Fourth, we provide service to regional incut in TV. What does this mean? This means that if your company is located in Donetsk, its services are focused on the residents of this area, your movie will not watch the whole of Ukraine, but only the eastern region of Donetsk, or only (all depends on your choice). Regional TV incut in can significantly reduce the cost of advertising on television in Donetsk, while maintaining its level of efficiency.

 As for the cost of regional incut in TV, then we have errors on some channels for the 30-second spot:

     1 1 - 7000-8000grn + for alcohol advertising increases the cost of tie-in 2 times.

    TRK Ukraina - a similar situation

    Inter - 8000grn 7000, but margins for alcohol is not provided

 Some would be cheaper by 5 Box Regional news channel: 1000grn about 5 seconds, ie 30-second spot will have to pay about 6000grn.

 Donetsk regional channels: Channel 12, Union, TRK Donbass.