Video Advertising, TV, commercials shot

Video advertising - advertising on television - which offers the  advertising agency "Effect  marketing," has always stood apart in a long list of marketing opportunities. Generally, it refers to branding, producing no immediate effect (other than advertising campaigns and special offers).

In addition to sky-high prices are a priori, it spoils the practical inability of marketers to track the effect of advertising (if you have, of course, millions of budgets).

Of the benefits - clarity, brightness, better digestibility of sending advertising, provision of appropriate image. It is believed that to get on TV is available and, importantly, is effective only for large firms. But this is not always the case.

There are three pitfalls, though:

1. The regional channels. Advertise on them many times more accessible than the national channels. After all, you can advertise your business in only a small region of interest for you. Please note that regional advertising is available on Ukrainian channels in the form of a general regional incut in air!

2. Case transfer. Can be extremely useful, if transfers audience matches your target audience.

For example, a three-minute stories in the "What's New" at the 12th channel cost 4000 USD. (Shooting commercials included). And in the seven-minute news on the minute plot will cost you 1200 USD. with the shooting. Reruns - approx. 900 UAH.

3. His Majesty Barter can find means for rotation infomercial. A simple example of life: a major sports facility has placed its advertising on a regional channel, instead of giving the advertising plane ... Easy like all brilliant.

Filming of commercials

But in any case, the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by 99% will depend on the proper presentation and advertising idea of ​​the video. At the same clips are divided into several major categories (run-up in prices in different firms simply amazing):

Note - You can order the idea of ​​the movie in the agency (500 UAN), and make it yourself. The same applies to professional voice acting. In doing so, we were able to make an excellent movie "slide show" with professional voice acting and a photo-session for 1500 UAN.

Filming of commercials will cost you approximately the following amount:

In terms of complexity and cost of commercials shot is of three types (all prices are for the duration of 15 - 45 sec.).

1. Movie "Slideshow."

Written and approved the script. Our photographer holds the "photoshoot" of your object. The resulting slides are mounted in a slide show with visual effects in the transitions from one slide to another. Superimposed audio series, and recites the text-voice.

Price - 1900 UAH. + Surcharge (if needed) for the models, a professional photographer (no different from ours, not only takes 100 and 500 hryvnia), decorations, etc.

2. A simple video clip.

Written and approved the script. Operator on a professional camera relieves plans for your property. If necessary, interviews. Done a few takes, takes a couple of different plans. Being mounted and voice.

Price - 2900 - 3900 UAH. Depending on the nuances of the production process (mainly - Additional fee for field trips, and difficulties in the work - shooting prone, at the height, number of duplicates, etc.) Surcharges - as in claim 1., But usually they are not required.

3. Posed video.

Written and approved the script. Operator on a professional camera shoots a scene of your object. When invited by the director and made Formulation of these scenes according to the approved script. If necessary, interviews. Duplicated and made plans for as long as necessary so that the director was satisfied. Being mounted and voice.

Price - from 4900 USD. and above. There is a caveat: these shootings are usually ordered two cameras (but without them you can do if you allow the script). This leads to a rise in price - UAH 1000 +. for the above price + are more expensive, we talked about above.

An example of a commercial bank for the FBG, the organization has been fully engaged in shooting advertising agency "Effect marketing":

A cheaper alternative to video advertising may serve advertising on the radio, which we gladly arrange for you.