Print on CD-business card

"CD-card" - one of the hottest new products recently. Its other name - "Electronic card". It combines all the advantages of a standard business card, only much more informative because of the information recorded on the cd drive.

Electronic card in size and shape does not differ from the standard. The front side contains all the contact information about the company. Built-in mini CD-disk contains 35 MB of memory, which can be entered any information that is important for the company - text, audio, images, video, multimedia. It is important that the cd-business card can be read on any computer or laptop. The only thing you need to do - CD-ROM.

The maximum effect of the information can only be achieved through the use of advanced multimedia technologies that improve the level of perception.

Just one cd-card can contain up to 60,000 pages of text, full audio video, a copy of the website, 300 full-screen photos, eletronny directory services or products.

Why not replace a set of booklets, which will eventually lose its form, one small, convenient and elegant e-card.

E-card - it is very easy. The potential client with a single motion can see your presentation, click on the link to the website and maybe, just place your order - everything is simple, understandable and accessible.

Price in companies that provide service "CD-card" very different. At the end of the summer of 2010 the run was from 12 to 25 UAN. Making a flash presentation with all possible information about your firm will manage in 2000 UAN.

Attention! If you already have a website, it can be easily adapted to the presentation format for recording on "CD-business card." In this case, to pay for the development of the presentation is not necessary. And vice versa - if you do not have a site and you have ordered a presentation, the latter will be an almost complete Web site. You just place it on the internet and will not have to pay extra for its creation!

But "CD-business card" can be used both as an individual card. In this case, its main task will be the correct positioning of the owner.