Advertising in social networks

Advertising agency "Effect marketing " offers you the most effective form of online advertising. Due to the possibility of exact targeting on the target user group, you can choose not only the sex of persons who will show your ads, but also their age, income, hobbies groups and more. Can be accommodated on such popular sites as classmates,, vkontakte ...

The cost of this service is calculated individually for each of customer. This price is made up of many factors and can vary significantly.

Advertising Agency, "Effect marketing" offers the following SMM-services:

  • Work with the society of bloggers;
  • Promotion of the blogs;
  • Creation of posts in the forums and topics for discussion;

Virus-siding materials;

Write-in comments;

  • Undertake various activities in the network: contests, polls, surveys;
  • The creation  promotion company profiles in popular social networks;
  • Work with ratings of internet shopping.

In the development of SMM-service is performed as follows:

  • Work with social bookmarking services;
  • Promotion of social networking news and various press materials;
  • Organization of flash-mobs;
  • Writing of articles in Wikipedia, posting links to existing articles;
  • The creation and distribution of widgets;
  • The creation and placement of podcasts;

In social networks-audited information field of the company;

  • Promotion of web services: file sharing, hosting, torrent, etc.
  • Selection of key audiences
  • Development of a strategy to promote services, products, brand, or the whole company;
  • Develop a plan of activity for a specific social network;

Providing regeneration information on sites, organizing with users, drawing (if necessary), plan additional activities.

  • Promotion of social networks, blogs, communities
  • Advertise on blogs - buying, writing posts, references in the posts. In the case of single action negotiated price
  • Advertising in microblogs.
  • Planning, organizing, conducting legal thematic e-mail mailing list (an increase of readers).
  • Placing information in the target social networks, creating accounts, news groups, etc.
  • Blogging

In addition to the above service advertising agency "Effect marketing" offers you a promotion of the site on the Internet.