Outdoor advertising: signs and advertising structures

Before you start to create an advertising structure or sign, let the advertising agency " Effect marketing "  to give you a little advice. Regardless of whether you do a little glowing sign, or a huge Roof construction - outdoor advertising shall be conducted in Donetsk professionals. With all relevant permits, licenses, contracts, etc. Especially - if the sign and the overall luminous. So make sure to read the "portfolio" contractor. Carefully read the reviews of his work. In this regard, the most important thing - that responsibility, and guarantees that the contractor gives to his work.

And if the budget is running out ,you can bring to the work of small firms, to save 5-20% of the value of work. That's just the quality of performance we recommend to watch in person, and should monitor not only the final stage of work, and the whole process, starting with the cutting of materials (at the same time make sure their quality).

To benefit small contractors contact if outdoor advertising involves only the creation of several big letters, or a simple pillar, covered with foil sign. Here you will actually find a very nice price. But this, again, will have to drive around a few contractors and a good bargain.

And, of course, the advertising agency experts, "Effect marketing" are ready to do all that work for you, strictly adhering to our principles of saving you time, money and nerves. The more you have to remember not only the technical side of things, but also the aesthetic. After all, every sign and advertising structure shall be more than just a nice image, but the impulse to action, to the adoption of a decision.

In addition, in most cases we are able to perform work on their own. As an example, in the creation of signs for the base of household goods "Debut".

Note that outdoor advertising in Donetsk and following placement - only a small part of the services provided by the RA "Effect Marketing." Our experts will help you develop your own corporate identity in the organization of a comprehensive advertising purchase of planes and the implementation of any other conceivable advertising.