Printing: Printing business cards in Donetsk and offset printing orakale

Advertising agency " Effect marketing " offers the high-quality and affordable printing of business cards in Donetsk, as well as offset printing at orakale in due time.

Most printers carry out various actions to attract customers. They mainly consist in a substantial decrease in the price of a certain kind of products. In addition, some printers purchased remained "at the old prices," raw materials, and other urgently needed money into circulation and they are willing to give the price by reducing the share of their profits. Note also that different printers - different suppliers of raw materials. In Donetsk, there is still a so-called "Prefabricated circulation", where the savings come from consolidation of circulation, ie by combining multiple clients into one order.

You can formulate an order, and we will call around all the main printing press, to print business cards and leaflets in Donetsk, and then offer you the best of them at the moment in terms of price / quality. If you are interested in printing on CD-business cards, for us it is not a problem – we will choose a design and arrange printing.

 Note that in some cases (for example - making 100 pieces. Cards) does not matter which of the contact printing - business cards printing prices in Donetsk will be different for a couple of hryvnia.

 The main technical requirements:

  •  File Format: tiff, cmyk 32, fused layers.
  •  Resolution: 300 dpi for printing and 72 dpi for large format printing. If the physical file size is very large, 36 dpi.
  •  For the interior of large format printing resolution of 150 dpi.
  •  While retaining the necessary USE LZW-compress, or archive. Better compression.
  • If the physical file size is still very large (400 MB), then save in jpeg, cmyk 32, a resolution of 72 or 36 dpi.

If we talk about offset printing orkale, it is held on the self-adhesive film that is coated with a special layer that improves print quality. It should be noted that the materials we use, are durable. Self-adhesive tape in the right conditions can last for several years. But at the same time, it is fairly resistant to temperature extremes that our area is especially important.

 And, most importantly, keep in mind - by working with us, you not only save your money and time. You save and nerves - in fact we are fully responsible for the quality of service and relieve you from having to go into mass production nuances. In addition to these services, the advertising agency " Effect marketing " can be a valuable tool in the creation and production of souvenir products of advertising signs.