Ad agency of Donetsk: Outdoor Advertising in Donetsk, creation and promotion of web sites, design of corporate identity etc.

about Us:

Good day, dear Marketing Specialist!

Greetings from Ad agency of Donetsk “Effect Marketing”.

The objective of our activity consists in organization of effective ‘media buying’ for your company and providing it with a complex marketing service. Nowadays all advertising is available for us in Donetsk.

To simplify working with marketing services, we have consolidated all existing promotions on the market of Donetsk region in one electronic book.

Of all the online media services, we are the owners of the following areas:

  • projects “Souzpechat”, “Ekonomka”, “Mediakards” and “Marmalade”;
  • Interior-and large-format printing in Donetsk, print on Oracal film;
  • own designs and production of advertising signs, we provide outdoor advertising of any types;
  • have own boards in the Donetsk region;
  • business promotions (BTL-shares), the promoters own staff;
  • design and creative, writing “media plans” and marketing plans;
  • development and promotion of sites in Donetsk;
  • printing business cards in Donetsk, printing flyers in Donetsk;
  • printing banners and posters printing;

In addition, we provide advertising in Donetsk in the following areas:

  • development of marketing strategies;
  • production of souvenirs;
  • leafleting in Donetsk through racks, chain stores “Luciano”
  • courier delivery to offices;
  • outdoor advertising in Donetsk, including the available advertising on LED screens in Donetsk;
  • putting up posters advertising pillars;
  • advertising on transport in Donetsk, in the salons, possible promotion using brendmobils
  • development of corporate identity in Donetsk, Donetsk branding;
  • advertising on radio in Donetsk;
  • shooting commercials;
  • advertising in elevators in Donetsk;

Separately, we note that even in cases where we are intermediaries, you will not overpay, but rather get a few advantages:

  • all of our purchases are made at prices that are significantly lower than those of price-list, thanks to it you save your budget ;
  • You do not spend your time on negotiations ;
  • You contact with only one reliable contractor ;
  • we are fully responsible for the quality of work in accordance with existing agreements;
  • and most importantly - despite all the advantages, advertising booked through us will cost you substantially lower price rates of owners.

How is it possible?

First, advertising agencies of Donetsk always receive a discount price from the owners marketing services directly to customers such discounts are never going to get. That’s why we can sell you a service for the same price as the owner does, so that you will have no “headache”.

Secondly, we have additional discounts which we receive through impeccable reputation and long-term work in the advertising services;

Thirdly, we make purchases at wholesale prices, which are also much lower than the standard ;

We will always be happy to help you. To contact us, use the contacts listed on the site.

Project Manager,
Dmitry Morgun